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Reward: 10 satoshi every 15 minutes
Bonus: additional 3 satoshi by solving the shortlink

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Your Microwallet :  

Please solve the captcha:

Your Reflink :
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Bitcoin Tunisia is a Bitcoin faucet allowing users to claim 23 Satoshis every 15 minutes.
The satoshis are immediately widthdrawable to FaucetHub, the leading micro-payment platform.
Please make sure you already own an account on FaucetHub website in order to claim your satoshis.

Guideline :
1. Enter your bitcoin wallet and solve the Captcha
/!\ If you see Client error 117B, it means that you are behind a proxy, sorry we don't allow proxies to use our faucet.
2. Claim!
If you don't see antibot links, please refresh the page!
Happy fauceting! Enjoy Free Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Tunisie est un robinet Bitcoin gratuit permettant de gagner 23 satoshis chaque 15 minutes.
Les satoshis sont retirable immédiatement sur FaucetHub, la plateforme dédiée aux micro-paiements.
Nous vous prions de vous assurer que vous avez au préalable un compte sur FaucetHub afin de récupérer vos satoshis.